Hello!  After so long and hard thinking and strategizing, I have decided to take a break from blogging.  I am still continuing my 30 days of awesome, so far I am doing really well.


I am taking a break because a) I am not getting views and b) my blog has become a complaining page and that was not my goal.  I wanted it to be a page that included people and shared my military world.  Things have changed and I need to re-do and re-brand.

If you are a fan thank you for stopping by.  I might comeback, I might not.  We shall see.  So for now I bid you Adios.  Have a great week!


five and six

Yesterday was day 5 of #30daysof awesome.  We went on a 4 mile walk to go and explore Mont Panisel.  We stop at got frites (fries) and enjoyed the beautiful scenery that was our town, Mons.  We needed to get outside and enjoy the cool day.  It was what we needed and we got some exercise!

Today is day 6 and it was church day.  I have decided to do the 21 day fix; a fellow Army spouse and friend is a beachbody coach.  I do not know what I got myself into but I need to get myself in better shape for my half marathon in March.  I enjoyed a few too many mince pies, Belgian waffles and Italian wine.  I need to get myself back on track!  We shall see how I do, I will keep everyone posted.  *shakes her head* What was I thinking!  Her name is Amanda; we met when we were stationed in Germany.  She ran track and is a mom to three boys!  We homeschools them, she is really cool.  Why not?  What have I got to lose?


So far that has been what I have been doing.  How are you doing?  I am in the midst of redoing my blog and trying to re-brand.  This domain ends soon and I would like to gauge how this is doing.  Let me know!  Hasta luego!


It is the first day of 2016.  I am hungover!  We spent New Year’s Eve with friends, at home.  It was a great night!  Clearly.  I do not know what to expect from 2016.  I am not doing any crazy resolutions.  I am doing my #30daysofawesome  but that is about it.  I am starting 2016 nursing a headache and stay hydrated.  Here is to a new year, I welcome it!


Day 3.1

I woke up not feeling well. I wanted a workout but knew that New Years Eve and we were going to have guests. I took it easy. I am a stylist with Stella and Dot. I love the company, it is more than home parties, it is changing your life and having fun! I love the jewelry and I love the CEO of the company.
When I started, I had high hopes but I sabotaged myself. I was too much in my head to focus on my small business. Now I cannot wait for 2016 and am excited for the new collection and other business. ​


 I don’t care who says no, it does not determine my worth. If my business fails it is because I didn’t work hard enough. Just like my running! It takes work.  
So I am sharing my business! Stella and Dot click on my link and discover how Stella and Dot change YOUR life. More to come on other business and re-branding. Until tomorrow!


Numero Dos

   Took the dog out for a long walk.  Our dog is a German Shepard and Belgian Malinois mix.  He is so good!  Protective, loving wonderful.  But I am honest in that we do not exercise him as much as we should so today I promised him a very long walk on this lovely day. […]

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!  Feliz Navidad! Buon Natale!  Joyeux Noel!

I am wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas.  “Oh no!  She is not being PC and saying Happy Holidays!”  You’re right!  I am not.  Christmas is a time to share with those you love not matter what your faith is.  It isn’t about the presents (even though they are fun to get!)  It is about being grateful for what you do have.

There are still military deployed, homeless kids and families.  To me Christmas is being happy and grateful.  Even though at times I am not, Christmas to me is an important event.

I am wishing all of you happiness and joy.  And please take a moment to stop and help those who need it most.  And support our military service members,  lets bring them home!  I also wish you a Happy New Year!  Change and new chapters are unexpected and exciting.  I hope that whatever you have worked hard for flourishes and is everything you have wanted.

The new year isn’t planned for me.  Besides some awesome trips coming up I am excited to work on changing my blog and share my travels.  Also it is the first time where I am not in an existential crisis.  I am happy, I have healthy kids, a great spouse.  Life is good!  And I wish the same for you.  No matter what, I wish you all good things.

Song is “O, Holy Night.” Sung by Leona Lewis.  I do not own the rights to this song.  Find her Christmas Album on iTunes titled “Christmas, With Love.”



Want, Need.

My kids are not spoiled.  They do get things, on birthdays and at Christmas but my kids do not want for anything.  I want my kids to have a good life!  And then there are those moments where I feel like those real housewives’ moms that raise ignorant and spoiled children!

This morning (European time) I wake the kids up for school, I grab my coffee, do a little homework.  The boys begin and take their time in the morning, the usual stuff.  Then it happened, shrieks of “oh no!” echoed through the house!  My youngest ate the last of the chocolatey cereal.  My oldest had tears welling up “What is there left to eat?” he cried!  With my youngest shoveling spoonfuls of cereal milk into his mouth, satisfied.  I got the look of “how could you let this happen” from my oldest.  I knew by that look that this was going to be a rough morning!

It was cereal.  Nothing major, we have other items for breakfast; bread, peanut butter, butter.  But that look, his eyes filled with tears over cereal.  He acted as if he had nothing to eat, that he was going to starve.  And I stood there thinking to myself, “Oh no!  I am raising spoiled kids.” They cry over not having a specific cereal, over not having enough nutella!  They were becoming snobs!  Did I fail?  It is the Christmas season and there is more to it than getting nice things.  In light of current situation and political opponents spouting hatred, Christmas is about sharing in hope and peace.  You have kids running away from their homes because of hateful people and you have people back in the states that do not want them because they are hateful people.  My kids have it good and I want them to grow up knowing that the world is greater than theirs.

I didn’t grow up with a lot.  I want my kids to have more than me but to not be spoiled.  I want them to appreciate what they have and never take it for granted.  So the fact that their favorite cereal ran out was met with tears, got to me.  It was cereal!  There are refugee kids that don’t even have the proper shoes for the European winter and they cried about cereal.  Have I failed my kids?  Am I teaching them to be ungrateful?  I do not want them to feel entitled, I want them to be grateful adults.

With the Christmas season (YES I SAY CHRISTMAS!) It is easy to become ungrateful and want want want!  The older I am getting the more I have come realize that I want things but know that they do not come easy.  I always encourage my kids to work hard for the things they want and deserve.  This morning was a bit of an eye-opener.

This Christmas, no crazy huge gifts for the kids like last year.  We employed the 4 gifts system: want, need, read and wear.  The want, I made it very clear it could not be a super huge expensive item.  It needed to be an item that they would use.  So often they would get a toy and play with it for a little bit and then it goes upstairs, into a bin and forgotten.  The will need to use it a lot.  The need would be practical, a watch, a book, a camera.  Those were things I would be okay giving my kids.  I wanted them to really look and think and consider why they wanted/needed it and that it was something that they would be grateful for.  It is a great way to really appreciate what we have!  If you are thinking about doing this, Jones Designs has a great post about this as well.  Makes you think and be grateful.

Christmas is a beautiful time of year.  A time of reflection and appreciation.  I want to grow more and be a better parent to my kids.  I need to appreciate what is around me and stop whining.  I have a long list of books to read and I want to wear my heart on my sleeve.  Those are my 4 what are yours?


I am someone that has judge people.  We all are guilty of doing so!  We say that we do not want to judge people, but secretly we whisper under our breath “can you believe they did that!”  Today, I was judged for something that I never did and I feel super guilty.  I am not a perfect person.  I never claim to have my shit stuff together.  Today, I was put in a position that show others that I am not a nice person.  And I did nothing!  NOTHING!

This happened, it happened to remind me, my family that we are not perfect.  It let me know that what we put out is made up.  I remember meeting a spouse that put out this perfect life, perfect kids, hair, everything.  I felt inadequate, like I will never fit in with them.  Today was a finger pointing moment for me.  I am not as I seem.  And I am not!  I am not very well organized, I hate doing laundry, I yell at my kids, I am loud.  When I have a little too much to drink, I get louder.  I do like attention, I really do but good attention.   When I get noticed for doing something good, it is like a high.  I love it when my kids do well, that also gives me a high.

I wear a lot of makeup, it hides all of my physical imperfections.  A coat of foundation does wonders to make you look flawless.  I wish you could make do that to life in general.  I do nag my spouse, my kids, life.  I am not perfect, I can’t judge others without being judged.  I have to stop assuming the worse in others or assuming in general.  What you think about others may be what they think about you.

Lots of tears were shed, kids were yelled at, in the end, I know I am not perfect and I can only look at myself in the mirror.  I do feel defeated, I do feel like I failed people but it only means that I need to stop pointing fingers at others for the sake of making myself feel better.



Sidenote:  I have been listening to Lewis Howes.  His podcast is really good!  Motivating, gets you looking at yourself and what you want out of life.  


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